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          Hi everyone

   Today it is very cold and windy not much happen here. Fishing is slow  but it will pick up soon.  The specks will just  get better and better . Call for a report at 352-481-2114. Hope to see you soon. Nov.  speck contest was 2 # and 4 oz. 15 in long. They are still trolling using minnow .   We are having our Christmas party on Dec. 16 2018 at 4pm-8pm bring a dish to pass and bring a gift get a gift. Hope to see you there.    Diner is open at 11am-7pm  hope to see you there.  Stop by and see our 13 ft. Gator weighted in at 700 pounds  and we call him " CASH " and see his little friend too. There have been two $100.00 tags this week on the specks so go fishing and Good Luck. A good day is  to go fishing and get paid for it.     New- Yes we are now  renting canoes for $30.00 a day.  So come give it a try. This will be good for the up close to the bank fishing and bird watcher.  Go Fishing!!!!!!!!!! Keep looking for tags on the specks. $100.00 dollar  tags.  Good luck!!!      Go fishing call for more info. 352-481-2114.     We always have minnows  large and small cricketts, worms, shinners.     Go fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So call us- Call for more info. at 352-481-2114.    Do not forget about the tags on the fish you can get $100.00 tag WOW!!!!!!.   We have the envelopes that you  can use to mail your tag to get the monies!!!!!!!! So Go Fishing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you here. We have all your bait needs. Good Luck"""""""       FWC tagged some more fish in Lake  Lochloosa.   Call for more info. Good Luck!!!!!!   Hope to see you soon.      Call at 352-481-2114 or email @ lochloosa harbor @aol.com- Call for info. on whats happening  at Lochloosa harbor. We ALWAYS  have  minnows ,Large /Small shinner, worms reds, wigglers, and nightcrawlers.  The Bait shop is always open mon.-sun. 6am -8pm - 7 days a week.   Go Fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have all your fishing needs.  THE DINER IS CLOSE FOR THE SEASON WILL REOPEN ON OCT.  3  2018  at 11 am.   Hours  Wed-Sun 11am  to 7:00 pm " The Home of the Original Travis Burger in Florida" -  Look for the specials and fishing report. 

                                             Stop by and See "CASH " our 13 foot Gator and  weight in at  700 pounds 

      Good Luck!   If you are in the area stop by Lochloosa Harbor for all you're fishing needs and get ready-  Do not forget Lochloosa Harbor is open 7 days a week from 6am-7 pm. We always have minnow,  Wigglers, red worm/ night crawler, med. Shinner.  Weigh in the big ones here on our State certified scale. So, Call now at 352-481-2114.   Hope to see you soon!!!!!!    The bait shop is opening 6am-8pm -7 days a week and all year long- Hope to see Ya then-   THE DINER IS OPEN  Wed-sun 11am-7pm  Call for our Daily specials  

 GO FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!         "Go Gator's"  Ganiesville Best